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The Borderland Review - City Newspaper February 15, 2001

In light of the 20th Anniversary of Alan Whitney - The Borderland, here is a review from 2001:

February 15, 2001

City Newspaper Rochester, NY

City’s Choice - The Week’s Best Picks

"We’ve been genuinely taken aback by the quality of local musician Alan Whitney’s debut CD, The Borderland. His sparse country arrangements are full of surprises and surprisingly mature. This is not brain-dead contemporary country. It’s heartfelt acoustic music that happens to be just as radio-friendly. Whitney’s arrangements reveal influences far beyond the typical. When a lilting oboe solo slowly winds down “Sleeping With the Television On” you’ll swear you can hear the ghost of JackNitzsche.

Whitney grew up here, and in 1990 relocated to Los Angeles to try and become an official singer-songwriter. But his non-industry experiences there proved to be the most important. “I lived outdoors, worked on an organic farm, kept bees, picked fruit, learned Spanish from Mexicans, wrote songs and sang them for people.” It served him well. Whitney’s back, for good we hope." --Chad Oliveiri


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