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Alan Whitney with The BeeKeepers - Friends, Old and New - Monophonic CD

Alan Whitney with The BeeKeepers - Friends, Old and New - Monophonic CD


Alan 'ADub' Whitney with The BeeKeepers Movie - Friends, Old and New Western N.Y. Singer - Songwriter Alan "ADub" Whitney invited a few friends and fans to a vintage recording studio in Rochester, N.Y to watch him make a record - "The old fashioned way." - Live to Ampex 351 - 1/4" Mono - Full Track Machine, just like Elvis, Howlin' Wolf, or Johnny Cash at Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee. The BeeKeepers Mick Sarrubi - Bass Jimmy "Mack" McAvaney -- Drums Bruce Diamond - Mandolin, Piano, Harmony Vocals Music Recorded and Mixed "On the Fly" Live By Dave Anderson at Saxon Recording Rochester N.Y. CONCERT REVIEW: Alan Whitney and The Beekeepers Frank De Blaze, March 1, 2010, City Newspaper, Rochester N.Y. Alan Whitney and The Beekeepers live at Saxon Studios on Saturday night may have been one of the most intimate performances I've ever seen. This wasn't just a performance, but a limited-seat concert, recorded live. In my experience, the studio can be both a beautiful and an ugly place; lots of creativity co-mingling with head-butting, a collision of conflict and creation. It's fascinating and miraculous and at the same time, kind of like watching a baby being born, or eavesdropping in the confessional. Whitney allowed a small crowd in to watch it all unfold. The music was magnificent, with Whitney feeding off his fans' fascination and energy. The songs were country and soul and rock 'n' roll, with Whitney swapping between his Strat and a jet black flat-top box. His voice positively boomed, and he owned every note in his impressive range. Magic moment No. 2 - of many that night - was when he brought us all into the Fedder building's drab stairwell (for its natural reverb) to record a little soul-tinged number called "My Weakness" as we gathered around on the stairs. In trying to get the groove for him and his bassist, Whitney paused, and said, "Let me get it in my body" before bopping his head, snapping his fingers, and conjuring the rhythm up from the floor. We could all feel it in our bodies, too. What a memorable and cool event.

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